A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Pastor's Note

Reverend Kathryn Pyke


May, 2017

Easter is not over. Resurrection did not happen one time. Resurrection is happening every moment. I know the anticipation and joy of Easter morning comes and goes, as we rush to move on to what comes next in our lives. We look forward with anticipation to what comes next on our calendars – wedding celebrations, Memorial Day gathering, summer trips...

According to the Church year – Easter happens for 50 days, going all the way to Pentecost, the day the Spirit of God breathes upon the Church and gives it life. Although 50 days does not seem like a lot of time to pay attention to all the resurrection moments occurring around us at any give time – it is a beginning.

So how do we begin practicing this resurrection living?

I recently came across a website dedicated entirely to gratitude; to giving thanks, to noticing where resurrection is

taking place in our world, our lives, and even in the midst of our church community.

Living with Gratitude invites us to pay attention, notice, remember, and yes, give thanks to God for life itself. The opposite of living with gratitude is taking life for granted

Living without gratitude can also lead to a life of dissatisfaction, grumbling, and faultfinding. God knows I have days like this – so...

I have decided that for the 50 days of Easter, and maybe beyond, I will practice gratitude each day. The simple way to do this is either write down a couple of things I am thankful for each day, or maybe just say them out loud in prayer to God.

Perhaps you will join me in the way of Gratitude.

I am thankful today for my husband Richard, our dog Maddie, our family and friends.

I am thankful God called me to serve as your pastor almost six years ago.



Rev. Kathryn Pyke