A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Bethany's Open Mic Night is currently on sabbatical.  

Please stay tuned for announcements of future events!

We have some videos of past performances up on our videos page.  Check them out!  

Attention all musicians, writers and performing artists: Bethany has a warm and welcoming community of performers and appreciators of the arts, and our venue is open to you!  Our open mic night is open to all, and we welcome you to join us at this free event.  Come sing, play, or just sit back and enjoy some fresh coffee and goodies, and some great home-grown entertainment.

Participation is easy: drop by, check us out, and sign up for one of our open sets, or (especially if you have any questions) please contact us ahead of time.  Open Mic Night @Bethany is open to all performers and we welcome a variety of styles and genre.  At our church all are truly welcome and that includes the arts: there are no restrictions on respectful content.  We want to hear what YOU have to bring to our mix!  Please join us, whether as a performer or simply as someone who appreciates a diversity of music and entertainment.

We hope to see you soon, and will welcome you with open arms, microphones, a grand piano and an enthusiastic audience!

Open Mic Night @Bethany