A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Building & Grounds

This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the building and grounds of the church.  These tireless, hard-working folks supervise the regular workdays of the church and perform maintenance around the church.  Currently chaired by elder David Wales.

Christian Education

The Christian Education (CE) Committee plans and implements Christian education opportunities for children, youth and adults of the church.  This includes Sunday School, and a myriad of classes and discussions open to all adults at Bethany.  Currently chaired by elder Kathleen Mitchell.

Community Action & Community Life

The purpose of Community Action at Bethany is to involve the congregation, our friends and families in putting our faith into action by engaging in local community action projects.  These projects help us to create a stronger presence in the local community and provide opportunities for our neighbors to learn more about Bethany.  

Community Life is dedicated to creating fellowship opportunities for the congregation, our friends and families.  They produce events like the church picnic, Spring tea, and Thanksgiving dinner & talent revue, as well as monthly first Saturday dinners.  Currently chaired by elder Lyn Hughes.

Financial Trustees

The Trustees are elected by the congregation to oversee the financial, insurance and tax concerns of the congregation.  They act for and report to the Session.  They help prepare the recommended annual budget and monitor the expenses of the budget during the year, oversee the work of the treasurer, and prepare a monthly financial statement to the Session for approval.  Trustees also develop the stewardship campaign of the church and receive the pledges each year that support the mission and ministry of the church.  Currently chaired by elder Lyn Hughes.


This committee is responsible for developing a slate of officers (elders and deacons) each year, which is presented to the congregation for election to serve the church for a term of up to three years.  They are also responsible for replacing vacancies as needed during the year.  This group is elected by and reports directly to the congregation.  Chair is temporarily vacant.


Outreach has three areas of focus: Visibility - maintaining a presence in the community (festivals, etc.) and publicity.  Welcome - greeting worshipers, assuring the welcoming of all people to Bethany. Re-Connection - we want to be sure no one feels lost or left behind at Bethany, and want to learn more about how a progressive, "main line" church like ours can continue to be relevant in the 21st century.  Currently chaired by elder Kathryn Quickert.


Personnel oversees congregational/staff relationships, and the hiring and performance review of our support staff. They make budget recommendations regarding salary and benefits.  Currently chaired by elder George Lynch.

Shelter Ministry

This sub-committee of Community Action focuses solely on our partnership with Catholic Worker Hospitality House, the homeless shelter in San Bruno. In close communication with Shelter director Peter Stiehler, we maintain a list of needed items for the Shelter, collect and deliver those items directly from the church, and provide other assistance as needed.  Currently chaired by Rina Ranahan.


The Worship Committee is responsible for creating meaningful and uplifting worship for the congregation.  Coordinating with the Pastor and Music Director, this committee helps to plan liturgy, music and logistics of all parts of worship.  Currently chaired by elder Pam Matthews.

Committees of the Church

Much of the work done at Bethany begins at the committee level.  It's the Presbyterian way!  

Here's a snapshot of our committee work: