A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Each month we plan to draw attention to the PCUSA's and Bethany's concern about our environment and the climate changes we are experiencing in a new and specific way.

"Do You Know" focuses on recommendations and actions that we all can take that will make a difference, even in small ways, to care for our world.

August 2021

The cartons we buy with our favorite foods (juice boxes, soups, almond milk, etc.) have long seemed to be a great way to stock our pantries, save space, and decrease waste.  But so many of these cartons are not, alas, recyclable.   There is a movement to address this problem but it’s perhaps better to choose a refrigerated carton when possible because it can go in the compost bin.    Does your recycling service now take cartons?  If not, call them and encourage the change!  Read up on food packaging dilemmas and make responsible decisions for our environment.  Share information with friends!  Here’s a great site to help us be more informed.

July 2021

We all are thankful for Goodwill and the various recipients of our discarded clothing. It does more than just help folks, since the last thing we want to do is throw our clothes in the garbage (landfill). According to one source, clothing in landfills are responsible for 10% of all carbon emissions on the planet. Did you know that 95% of used textiles of all sorts can be recycled or repurposed? Even fabric scraps can be donated to Goodwill (but call first to make sure the individual site will take them). Another thing to consider is the actual production cost for new clothes, since it takes so many resources to produce, demanding human labor (watch The True Cost, a documentary available on You Tube and Amazon Prime for a sobering look at fashion industry and the implications of our love for cheap new clothes), and huge amounts of water and energy. Let's join the movement toward a different relationship to clothing, buying less, choosing more sustainable sources, using thrift stores more and getting creative with reuse! (Check out Upworthy.com for a good article on this subject!)

June 2021

Have you been holding on to old VCR tapes and CDs that you no longer want?  Of course, you can see if you can donate them to a used record store, but consider this: these are not recyclable and we definitely don't want to throw them away, to go into the landfill where they will never break down!  Do you know about Green Citizen in Burlingame?  

They primarily take discarded electronic media (like old phones and computers, TV’s and the like) but YES they take tapes and CDs. They will properly break these down and dispose of them as safely as possible.  There is a charge but it is a small cost to do the right thing!  The fee is only $1 per pound!  If you would like help getting your media to them, please contact us!