A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Pastor's Note

Reverend Debra McGuire

February 2020

Hello everyone!

I am really thrilled to be Transitional Pastor at Bethany! In mid-August of last year, George Lynch from the Personnel Committee called me to ask if I would be available to be a guest preacher for one Sunday. I had to decline because I really wasn’t able to work outside of San Francisco. The transportation was just too complicated. I even had tickets to a Giants game that day that made transportation planning much more complicated.

Not only did the Giants win that day, but my heart was also burst open with “visions” so startling in their opposition to my plans, that I didn’t talk to anyone about them. I promised God that if they didn’t go away on their own, I would pay closer attention. I had no idea then that in just a few short months I would have a new job in San Bruno and a new home in South San Francisco. Today, one month in, I am settled in an apartment, and office, and have transportation much earlier than I thought would be possible. I feel fully ready to enter Lent and Easter with all of my energy, imagination and love. There are so many individuals to thank for all the work and help that has happened in order to make all of this happen for me and for us together. The energy of Bethany is strong!

Wherever you stand on the membership spectrum – lifetime, 2nd generation, regular member, visitor, lapsed, out the door, or a friend of Bethany – I look forward to meeting you. I hope to make the time to meet everyone who wants to be met, one on one, in the next six months. I encourage you to contact me anytime at dmcguire@bethanypcusa.org for any reason. I want to know what you love, what you are interested in, what bothers you, where you are in pain, as well as anything else that comes to mind. Keep in mind that none of us knows what we don’t know. Help me be your pastor by sharing any joys or concerns as you are comfortable. Meeting each of you is very important to me.

Finally, this is a half-time pastor position. That will be something all of us will have to keep in mind. I will have office hours on Tuesdays and Fridays, rescheduling as other appointments come up. I am also in the office on other days, so do email or call me at any time. I’m excited to be your pastor! I look forward to learning from you!

Blessings, Pastor Deb