A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

A Word From Kathryn

Reverend Kathryn Pyke


Easter, 2019

Alleluia! Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! These familiar words greet us every Easter morning. There is power in this affirmation. There is hope in this affirmation.

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! I wonder what our lives would be like if every morning we awoke to this affirmation...

What if Easter is not the ending of the story, but the beginning of the story? What if resurrection happens over and over and over in our lives, in the life of this world, and in the life of this community?

I find hope in believing resurrection is an ongoing moment in life. If I am going through a difficult time in life – there is hope that life will change – that God will intercede – that new possibilities will open, and resurrection, new life will begin.

This hope is true for both our world today and our community of faith. I talk to people who are disillusioned with the state of

our country and the divisive nature of politics. I am one of those people who pray that change will come if we but do our part to make that happen. I am one of those people who believe God can and will offer us a way out of the wilderness of life.

I know there are some in this community of faith that are disillusioned with our life together as well. We are among a growing number of churches who are becoming smaller in membership. There are fewer people doing much of the ministry. Yet we experience resurrection every time a new person walks through our doors, and we welcome them into our midst.

My prayer for all of us this Easter Season is for us to keep our eyes open, to pay attention, to listen, to be in awe at the joy and beauty given to us each day. May we be kind and forgiving toward each other. It is in these moments that resurrection begins. As someone once said, “Easter is something we live and breathe.”

Easter Blessings,


Rev. Kathryn Pyke