A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

A Word From Kathryn

Reverend Kathryn Pyke


March, 2019

My first experience of Lent was my best friend Marianne telling me she had to give up meat on Fridays. I never understood what this had to do with being a good Christian. What I did learn was it meant I got to go with Marianne’s family each Friday of Lent to St. Michael’s for a fish fry.

Today I find Lent to be a time for asking good questions of myself. How am I doing in my relationships, with my spouse, my friends, people I serve? How am I doing in my relationship with God? Where am I stuck in life? What might I need to let go off in order to find new life?

This Sunday we will begin our Lenten pilgrimage by marking ashes on our foreheads. These ashes remind us of our humanity, mortality, and our total dependence on God.

The journey of Lent offers an intentional period of time to get

back on track with our God, with ourselves, and with others. We don’t have to call this six ­ week period a time of denying ourselves something or giving something up – as if we were dieting. We all know how dieting works!

Perhaps we might think of the six weeks of Lent as a beginning of something new in our lives. What is God calling us to do or be this Lent? Each of us must answer these questions for ourselves. I suspect it means spending more time with God in order to figure out the answers.

God’s blessings and peace as we begin this journey,


Rev. Kathryn Pyke