A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

A Word From Kathryn

Reverend Kathryn Pyke


Summer, 2019

We are entering the Season of Pentecost – the time we celebrate the coming of God’s Spirit, or the birth-day of the Church. We call this Spirit “ruach” in Hebrew – the breath or wind of God. This wind or “ruach” of God is anything but passive – in fact, it can be downright disruptive to our lives.

There is certainly disruption happening in our midst today. Last Sunday, after returning from three week’s vacation, I sensed dramatically the ‘elephant in the room.” The ‘elephant’ being, I will soon be leaving the Bethany Community. This change is difficult for many of us.

What I hold onto is the truth that this same Spirit of God that blew through the early church is blowing through our midst – especially now that we are in the midst of change. This Spirit

calls us to hold on to the promise of love, hope and peace God offers all God’s people.

In these next two months, may we celebrate this God who says, “I am with you always...”



Rev. Kathryn Pyke

Editor's note: Please click here for information about the celebration of the Pyke's ministry and their farewell.