A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Bethany’s Spring Tea was held on Saturday, April 28, benefiting Answering for the Children, a children’s home in Uganda. Our special guest and speaker was Deidrah McAulay-Dodo, Director of AFTC, and mother to all the children.  It was delightful to hear Deidrah’s story first-hand and it was wonderful for Deidrah to actually be with us, making the event a heartwarming occasion.


After a lovely tea service, Deidrah told us of her calling to Africa as a teenager. Once she relocated to Uganda, she found that foster care was not something known and embraced by the Ugandan government. Once she fostered a child, she was asked to take in many others and found that she did not want to foster them, she wanted to adopt them and thus, her family grew larger and larger. Many of the children have needs and Deidrah and her husband were just the ones to love and look after these children.

Her story was filled with love, through the good and bad times, and her life has been blessed by the number of children she has raised and is raising, keeping God as the center of their home.


We are happy to announce that the Spring Tea netted $3,525 and we are extremely grateful for all those that came to the Tea, supporting this worthy cause. Our extended Bethany family now includes Deidrah’s family in Uganda, and we ask for your continued prayers and all blessings for all of them, now and in the future.

Bethany's annual Spring Tea will be held on Saturday, April 28th, at 1:00 PM. We will set our sights again on Uganda this year: funds raised at the tea will benefit Answering for the Children, a children's home in Jinga, Uganda.  Our guest and speaker will be Deidrah McAulay-Dodo, director of AFTC and mother to all the children.  We are delighted that Deidrah can join us and provde first-hand stories of her large family and their busy life in Uganda.

The afternoon will begin with a lovely tea service, there will be plenty of gift baskets to bid on for our raffle, and we also have some lively entertainment planned.

Tickets are $15, for sale in advance or at the door.  You may purchase tickets in person, or by calling the church office at (650) 589-3711.  Raffle tickets are 12 for $10, and can be purchased on the day of the tea. You may also make a direct donation to AFTC, if desired.  Checks can be made payable to AFTC in any amount, and sent to Bethany, ATTN: Lyn Hughes, Community Action/Life Committee.

Please plan on joining in for a delightful afternoon of tea and fellowship, and consider asking a friend, neighbor, or family member to join you.  We look forward to seeing you on April 28!

Contact us for more details.