A More Light Congregation

Bethany Presbyterian Church

Pet Supply Drive

We love animals at Bethany!  Throughout the month of September, we will collect pet supplies for the Peninsula Humane Society  In addition to the drive, on September 12 we will hold our Blessing of the Animals event.  This is your opportunity to bring items that will help the PHS to care for animals before they find a loving home.

Items from the PHS Wishlist are listed below (please go here for the complete list).  If you would like to make a dontation directly to the Peninsula Humane Society, please click here

For all of the animals

Towels (used or new)

Blankets (used or new)

Paper towels


Heating pads (without auto shut-off)

New small squirt bottles

Various household and clothing items for our thrift store (proceeds help our shelter animals)

For the dogs

New or clean collars and leashes

Kongs (all sizes)

Unopened packages of dog treats (especially soft ones)

Pill pockets

Hot dogs (low sodium preferred)

Natural Balance dog food rolls

Canned gravy-type food

Bubbles (regular or dog-specific)

Muffin tins (holding 6 or 12 muffins)

Harnesses (preferably “Sensation” or “Easy Walk” brands)

Nylabone chews (medium/large-breed size)

Pig ears/bully sticks

Creamy peanut butter (unopened)

Rope toys

For the cats

Fancy Feast or Friskies cat food

microwave heatpads

Canned tuna

Unscented clay cat litter

Ping-pong balls

Golf balls

Pipe cleaners

Plastic film canisters

Plastic shower curtain rings

Feather toys

Cardboard cat scratchers

Large shoeboxes (without lids) for the cats to sleep in

For the birds

Pellet food for large parrots

Medium/large unopened parrot seed

Pigeon or Dove feed

Safflower seed (a dove and pigeon favorite)

Wooden/rope perches (all sizes)

Bird toys (small & medium)

Wicker baskets

Sisal rope

Leather (for making toys)

Bird toy making kits

Hand mirrors

Dried corn husks (available in most supermarkets)

For the reptiles

Reptile or aquarium logs/decor

Heavy shallow dishes

Fake plants

C batteries

60w incandescent light bulbs

Calcium blocks for water turtles

Temperature gauges

For the wildlife


Raw, unsalted peanuts

Unsalted, creamy peanut butter

Spray millet

Toilet paper

Heavy pet food bowls (any size)

Smooth river rocks

Live potted trees, bushes, and other plants


Apples, berries, and corn

Thistle seed

Hulled Sunflower seed