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Bethany Presbyterian Church

Members and Friends of Bethany

Information for Members and Friends of Bethany which contains personal information, like names, phone numbers, addresses and birthdates can be found here.  Our intent is to protect your personal information, while making it available to those who are a part of the Bethany community.


Ongoing information and reminders

Messages from the Pastor

Because of our relative isolation from each other during this time, Pastor Deb creates bi-weekly "Facebook Live" messages!  If you do not have access to Facebook, you can see these messages here. If you are already on Facebook, go to Bethany's Facebook page for fresh messages: Tuesdays at 6 p.m., and Fridays at 10 a.m.!

Our New Way to Worship

Until restrictions on gatherings are safely lifted, we will continue to worship in our own homes via Facebook Live at 10:00 on Sunday mornings.  The live broadcast will begin 5-10 minutes before the hour, and you, your friends, family and neighbors are all welcome to join the live session before worship begins, greet one another, share prayers, and let us know of your presence.

Our Worship service videos are then posted to This Week in Worship, within minutes of the service ending on most days; occasionally later on Sunday.

After worship, we enjoy a virtual coffee hour via Zoom.  Those who have participated in this time of fellowship are finding a much-needed sense of connection and community with our church family!  If you do not automatically recieve an email invitation to coffee hour, definitely contact us so that we can add you to the list!

Contact Information:  

Due to restrictions regarding COVID-19, all staff are working from home for the time being.  As always, we are available by telephone or email.

Reverend Deb's cell phone number is (415) 265-1002, and email address is dmcguire@bethanypcusa.org

Roberta Henry, our secretary, works on Tues. from 1-4 p.m., and Wed – Fri., 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., and will be checking phone messages when not in the office. Phone (650)589-3711; email: secretary@bethanypcusa.org

Our Pastor:

Reverend Debra (Deb) McGuire presided over worship for the first time as Bethany's Transitional Pastor, on Sunday, January 5.  For the first time in Bethany's history, our pastor is a part-time, (maximum 24 hours per week) transitional pastor.  Deb is settling in nicely to the routine at Bethany, and is enjoying the new furniture in her freshly-painted office!  (Thanks to Craig Bray for the paint job!)

Catholic Worker Hospitality House (the San Bruno Shelter)

We continue to provide needed essentials to the Shelter!  Please bring your donations to the chuch, and place them in the container outside the door closest to the lower parking lot.  The box will be checked regularly, and items taken to the 2nd Ave shelter.  If you need someone to pick up a donation, please contact us.

Rina Ranahan is Bethany's representative to the San Bruno Shelter. Please call her at (650) 291  -6979 if you are interested in serving on this committee.  For a list of the Shelter's donation needs, click here.

Catholic Worker Hospitality House is able to accept donations by credit and debit cards. Currently donations can be taken by phone (650) 827-0706 or on line.

Coins for SafeHouse:

We are collecting coins for San Francisco SafeHouse. Kathleen Mitchell will put out the coin bottle on Sunday mornings, and she and Jorie Abbott will continue to roll the coins and send them off. So check your pockets and drop your change in the jar!

Did you know that Bethany has our own YouTube Channel?

We do! There are actually two ways to share with your friends and family recordings of our lively activities here at Bethany. You can go to our website videos page, or directly to Bethany's YouTube Channel.  See videos from Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Ceilis, and many other wonderful events! Remember to “like” and share your favorites!


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