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Members and Friends of Bethany

Information for Members and Friends of Bethany which contains personal information, like names, phone numbers, addresses and birthdates can be found here.  Our intent is to protect your personal information, while making it available to those who are a part of the Bethany community.


Ongoing information and reminders

We have a new Transitional Pastor! Reverend Debra (Deb) McGuire presided over worship for the first time as Bethany's Transitional Pastor, on Sunday, January 5.  Deb, who has provided Pulpit Supply on several occasions in 2019, met with the Session to discuss the possibility of working for us on a more regular basis. The elders voted unanimously in November for Rev. McGure to be hired as our Part-time (maximum 24 hours per week) transitional pastor.

Contact Information:

• Rev. Janet Bower will provide Pastoral Care for BPC, with assistance from Rev. InHo Kim and Rev. Robin Crawford, until our Transitional Pastor, Deb McGuire, begins in January.

Rev. Bower’s contact info: 650-483-2136 (cell) and janetkbower@gmail.com

• Roberta Henry, our secretary, is in the office Tues. from 1-4 p.m., and Wed – Fri., 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Are you interested in being a liturgist?

There is a 2020 sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the hallway.  If you are interested, but not able to do every Sunday in a given month, talk to Tamra Hollenbeck – we can find others to fill in!

Sign-ups for Audio/Visual Help

There is a sign-up sheet for people able help with the power point and for those who can work the soundboard. There were several trainings in the early summer for how to use the sound board, and we are looking for volunteers who have been trained to sign up for a Sunday or two so we can share the work with more than just a few! Please look for the sign-up sheet on the back table of the sanctuary. If you have any questions, please contact Tamra Hollenbeck or George Lynch. Thanks!!

Catholic Worker Hospitality House (the San Bruno Shelter)

Rina Ranahan is Bethany's representative to the San Bruno Shelter. Please call her at (650) 291-6979 if you are interested in serving on this committee.  For a list of the Shelter's donation needs, click here.

For many years, one of the ways the Bethany Congregation has supported the San Bruno Catholic Worker and the Shelter at St. Bruno's Church in San Bruno is by providing meals on the second weekend of each month. Currently, we provide dinner on Friday night and breakfast on Saturday morning on the second full weekend of the month. Chris Angeles and Steve Cady and Tamra Hollenbeck share the Friday night dinner duty by providing a full meal for about 12 people, Chris and Steve one month, and Tamra the next. Roxane Wales brings breakfast for that same group of people bright and early on Saturday mornings. If you would be interested in helping support the work of the shelter in this way, please contact Chris, Tamra, Roxane, or Rina, and we can provide more information about this project. Thanks!!

Catholic Worker Hospitality House is able to accept donations by credit and debit cards. Currently donations can be taken by phone (650) 827-0706 or on line.

Coins for SafeHouse:

We are collecting coins for San Francisco SafeHouse. Kathleen Mitchell will put out the coin bottle on Sunday mornings, and she and Jorie Abbott will continue to roll the coins and send them off. So check your pockets and drop your change in the jar!

Worship Reflection sheets are available in the Narthex in the large wooden literature rack. If you have any comments about the worship service – music, liturgy, order, etc. – please write them down and put them in Worship Committee Chair Tamra Hollenbeck's mailbox in the hallway

Did you know that Bethany has our own YouTube Channel?

We do! There are actually two ways to share with your friends and family recordings of our lively activities here at Bethany. You can go to our website videos page, or directly to Bethany's YouTube Channel.  See videos from Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Ceilis, and many other wonderful events! Remember to “like” and share your favorites!

Stamp Ministry Guidelines for Collecting Cancelled Stamps

Be sure to save your cancelled stamps for the Sunday School Stamp Ministry. Cancelled stamps can be given directly to Roxane Wales or put in her box in the hallway. Please click here to see a list of stamps requested!


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